AR – Usability and Productivity Tools

AR: Industrial Productivity

I worked as a UX Designer for an AR Industrial studio, DAQRI, where I created a number of rapid prototypes.  The Smart Glasses were hands free, using a fixed reticle for interactions.  My challenge was to redesign common tools to use this input system, as well as be comfortable to use, behave with the user’s expectations of similar programs, and utilize the unique strengths of the platform.

Collaboration Demo

This tool synchronizes content between users so that all member of a team can see the same scene.  Movement tool used to adjust position.

Further Product Ideas

• ​Remote users
     • Can observe the scene in 1:1 scale, or as a small scale diorama
     • Join-able public / private rooms
     • Name tags for users
Local Clients
     • Can interact with scene

Movement Tool

This tool allows the user to fine tune virtual content position hands free in a natural a fast way.  Macro position can be placed via a depth sensor tool, and 3D space can be placed via a manual tool, controlled by head movements.

Video Conference Call: Multi-User UX

This demo is a sample of a possible UX for the remote video call feature, allowing multiple uses to join a call.  The host can manually switch windows, and drop or add callers (up to 4 in this demo).

Overlapping Content

A perpetual problem in AR is how to deal with accessibility and visualization of overlapping content.  Here, a shader is used to call out unobtrusively where the background panels exist.  When windows overlap, a context menu appears allowing the user to sort content, moving it into the foreground if desired.

Touch Pad Scaling, Position, and Rotation

This tool allows the user to connect a smart phone and use simple known finger controls to manipulate content.

​ One finger drag:  Rotate
Two finger drag:  Position
Two finger pinch:  Scale