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Room Scale Repositioner


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Current Status:  Completed

 I love VR, but there’s an issue with room scale games that I noticed that there haven’t been many solutions for yet.  The limit of the space can restrict the games that are playable.  I went ahead and made a tool to compensate for this limitation and have it on the Unity Asset Store.

About the Project

There are some games that cannot be played in VR just because the user doesn’t have enough space.  Also, the feeling of immersion is frequently lost by a number of factors:  space, teathering, fear of breaking things, etc.  I had a generally large VR space, and I was still hitting things, and watching friends choose to lean around rather than take physical step.  I put a square carpet in the center of the room to give a tactile anchor for place in the room too.

From all the observations I had watching people, I felt that part of the restriction could be lifted if the user has the ability to have greater control of the virtual space to the physical.


It’s a simple project, but it was the first product I put live on the asset store, so I was excited.


If the user is approaching a physical wall in their real space, but they have room in the virtual, the tool allows them to temporarily lock the position, rotation, or both to the HMD.  This way they can move in the physical space to position the virtual space in the safest bearing, then continue playing.

Because the user also has agency in the positioning of the room, there’s greater probability that they can remain aware of where they are in space and make conscious decisions to alter it when necessary.