Level – Cover Shooter Layouts

I’ve marked up two combat arenas with cover shooter volumes.  Block-out #1 is stylized in a modern building layout.  Block-out #2 is an industrial warehouse setting, with high ceilings and supervisory vantages over the killzone.


  • Unity

    • Probuilder / Pro Grids


  • Level Design

  • Block Out

  • Encounter Design

  • Cover Markup

Assets Acquired

Modern Block-out Design

The arena consists of two intersecting main rooms, forming a contested killzone between them.  A gaudy corporate art sculpture in the middle helps to orient the player in the space.  The main combat front moves from corner to corner through the center of the room, and cover is oriented to support movement in that dominant direction.  The main flanking paths run the edges of the room, allowing the player or enemies to reach the flank rooms, and loop around the space.  Cover oriented to the flanking paths help to make calculated decisions while advancing.

Warehouse Block-out Design

The warehouse was designed with a simple straight path from the player start to the enemy start through the center killzone.  Elevated flanking paths offer a perpendicular sightline of the killzone.  Smaller rooms off the main space provide hideout shelter areas and intimate combat encounters.  The node network enables for offensive interception routes, as well as defensive retreats when the pressure increases.