Lava Fortress – Level Design Doc

Level Description

Built in the base of a volcano, this fortress ruin contains lost treasures.  The natives in the land have been mining this fortress for generations and still have not cracked all its secrets.  But now, a guild of thieves have forcibly removed the natives, leaving them with no one to turn to… but you.

The fortress was built by an ancient race, long gone from the world.  There is great mystery around what happened.  The fortress has fallen to the wear of time, despite their skills as architects.  Lava has reclaimed parts of the fortress, and in other places, hollow caves have opened new paths.

There are treasures and dangers alike in the fortress and caves.  But, some say you can still hear the natives deep in the forges, unaware they are dead.

Boss Arena

Deep in the fortress lays a power best left forgotten.  A giant robot fueled by the power of the lava flow, and dormant for years.  Though, perhaps someone intoxicated with power may choose to bring it to life, though only death is in store for them.

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