Resistance 3 – Level Designs

Level Design Project

During my time at Insomniac Games, I blocked out and scripted these Singleplayer and Multiplayer levels using their proprietary development engine.  I have video samples of two levels:

Single Player Intro Level

Multiplayer Deathmatch Level

Single Player Playthrough

Full Playthrough

Clip Reel with Analysis of Story

Roles and Responsibilities


Software Used

Luna (Insomniac Proprietary Engine)

About the Project

This was really just a time to play around for me, but I really like what I created during this time.  It was the mark of when I started to transition from working in QA into a proper game designer.

Design Philosophy

Single Player

I wanted to create a level that could have been a prelude to the rest of the game.  Your character starts in a cracked containment pod in an alien ship.  As the character emerges from the pod, they have to fight their way out.

Along the way the character is introduced to each of the weapons that they will use, along with a single simple sequence designed for that weapon.

Not only does the player have to fight the alien forces, but a feral alien creature is also running rampant throughout the ship attacking everyone and everything.

When the character reaches the end, they find they are on Earth, looking out over a destroyed city, the ship having crash landed some time ago.  The player is swarmed with too many enemies and is killed.  The game would then transitions to the main character and the story picks up from there.

I like the idea of having a character that’s there to be an unfortunate example of what will happen if the main character doesn’t succeed.  It’s a game to live or die, and not everyone survives the war.  It gives the player a first hand experience of the stakes.


I really like sniper battles, so I made a sniper-centric level. Two skyscrapes in NYC have had an alien control station lodged between them.  The faces of the buildings are partially exposed, staring into each other.  Players can enter the buildings through fire escapes, fallen floors, and doors.  The invader’s station bridges the gap between the two buildings, and a lower level provides a secluded covered, obstructing sniper fire.

Multiplayer Playtest


Chimera Base

Human Base