Unreal Deathmatch – Towerfall

Roles and Responsibilities

• Level Layout
     • Illustrative asset blocking
• Event Scripting

Software Used

Unreal Development Kit

About the Project

I noticed that Unreal rarely put vehicles into normal deathmatch arenas.  Usually they are saved for team matches or objective based matches.  I wanted to play around with making a racetrack type of level that was still balanced.  This poses a challenge in ensuring spaces are large enough to accommodate vehicle movement, but not so large that they feel like massive open fields on foot.  This required making sure that there are plenty of cracks and side paths that vehicles could not move through, and short cuts through the center of the level to help the players on foot move from end to end safely.


Simple.  Just to make a level using the pre-existing assets and systems for UDK.  Not even a mod, just a level.

Game Premise

High in the clouds of an extinct civilization, the war torn mountain top castle ruins can be seen peeking above the clouds.  They met their fates warring and bombarding their high perches.  Long after their demise there is a sporting deathmatch taking place in the once mighty central castle.